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“Since starting our journey with Bright Futures I have gained so much knowledge about what health really is especially in the three wellness areas; chemical, mental, and physical, which has made me a better Mom and Wife.”  -Jenni Hershberger

“Healthy life habits are a big priority in our family, especially since Nathan is a cancer survivor. The holistic approach to healthcare provided at Bright Futures supports us as we pursue our goal of living well. Dr. Grier and the staff are our teachers as well as healthcare providers. They provide us with information and skills for living that empower us to make wise choices about our health and lifestyle. We are so grateful for the good health we enjoy each day!” 

Karla Detweiler

“I have battled headaches all my life and Bright Futures is the first place I have been that has made a huge difference. Bright Futures has also been great with our boys, helping us through sleeping issues, colds, and healthy eating suggestions. It is great to be in a place that encourages healthy living in all areas of your life!”

– Rosanna Coblentz

“We started seeing Dr Grier in February 2014 because we were concerned about the on-going troubles we were having with UTI’s and ear infections in two of our daughters. I was concerned with all of the antibiotics that they had been taking over time in their short lives and was looking for another way to deal with their health issues. Since seeing Dr Grier 7 months ago we have not had one issue with either UTI’s or ear infections. YAY!!! We are so thankful the Lord directed us to contact Bright Futures! We have truly been so blessed with what we have learned and how much healthier we feel. Thanks!!” 

– Summer Leichty

“My family’s experience with Bright Futures Chiropractic has been life-changing. The entire staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We were stressed and worried about our newborn’s condition, but with Dr. Grier’s genuine care, we now have a thriving, healthy boy who fills our days with joy and laughter!”  – Kimi Hernandez

“At Bright Futures we have received the education and support needed to make healthy changes in our lives that will impact our family forever. We could never thank you enough!”

– Sara O’Donnell

“I used to take 4 ibuprofen every morning just to get moving and to mask the pain I felt in my body daily. Within 6 months of getting regular adjustments, I stopped taking that daily ibuprofen. My husband and are on a wellness care plan and receive bi-weekly adjustments. I am grateful for a wellness chiropractor who is so passionate about creating wellness and coaching people and actively pursuing this lifestyle for his family, his employees, and the people of this community.”

– Sherry Swartzendruber