Relief for Asthma

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Have you ever known a child or adult unable to participate in sports or other activities because of asthma? Many people turn to inhalers and medications for themselves and their children. Problem solved, or is it? Is asthma caused by being born with not enough medicine in the body?

Of course not. Medicine may temporarily cover the problem, but it did not fix the cause. Without fixing the cause, asthma attacks most always return. What is asthma? Asthma is a type of symptom, the body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong.

Asthma begins with stress. Stay tuned to find out what kinds. Stress, regardless of type, causes vertebral subluxations. Subluxations prevent the nervous system from working properly, and symptoms like asthma can result. Removing subluxations can relieve asthma without the use of drugs.

Subluxation? What’s that? A subluxation is a condition in which a spinal segment is out of alignment with the adjacent segment. Nerves, which branch off of the spinal cord, no longer properly work.

Is that bad? You bet. Nerves act as a highway system, allowing communication between the brain and the rest of the body. If the nerves don’t work, you don’t work. Which area of the brain decides when the lung should breath? Tough question. Take a guess.

The brainstem. Who knew? Connecting the brain to the spinal cord, the brainstem is the posterior part of the brain. It houses the control center for respiration. The brainstem is responsible for the most basic life functions. It is critical that the brainstem remain free of any interference. If not, bad news.

Cool fact. Lungs are the only organs constantly exposed to the external environment. Believe it or not, they can float on water. If stretched out, the interior of your lungs would cover a tennis court. Wow.

Nerves that control breathing emerge from the cervical neck and thoracic upper back spine. Subluxations effecting these nerves is a common cause of asthma. One such nerve is the phrenic nerve. The phrenic nerve controls the diaphragm, the primary muscle for breathing. Yes. The lungs don’t breathe without the diaphragm doing work.

Now, onto the types of stress that can cause asthma-inducing subluxation. For one, obesity. Obesity is a tremendous contributing factor to asthma. Why? Most likely because the lungs of obese are under-expanded. Large breaths are difficult to take.

Another kind of stress? How about a quiz? This is a poor smelling habit which affects not only your own health, but that of everyone around you. Clue. When done regularly, it may take over ten years off of your life.

What is smoking? Nicotine causes subluxation by restricting blood flow to spinal discs, thus promoting degeneration, and by reducing calcium absorption, thus softening vertebrae, and this stress. Furniture and carpet cleaners are sometimes produced with the toxic chemical, ‘Formaldehyde’. It’s a one-way trip to asthma, and this stress. A child born via C-section begins life with an increased asthma risk. Why? C-section newborns fail to gain certain protective microbes, normally acquired via travel through the birth canal.

A C-section is often recommended if the baby is breech. How does breech occur? Breech can be caused by subluxations in the mother’s lumbar spine, which force the baby to shift position. Correcting breech is why many pregnant women see chiropractic care.

These are only a few types of stresses that can cause spinal subluxation. Subluxations prevent the nervous system from working properly. Symptoms like asthma can result. Removing subluxations can relieve asthma without the use of drugs.

Do you have a friend or loved one who suffers from asthma? Ask your chiropractor for your copy of asthma information to pass along, so your loved one can finally find relief and live the life they imagine. You can help change someone’s life. What feels better than that? Surgeons can cut out everything, except cause.

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