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We’re excited to get to know you better and determine how we can best help you and your family. We also want you to get to know us better, so please explore this site. We look forward to meeting you!


Please complete the following steps to receive your 1st Day Services, a $185 value, for just $37
(Medicare restrictions apply): 

1. Watch the video below

2. Submit the answers to the questions below the video. 

3. The New Patient form will pop up once you submit the answers to the questions below. Print the form to fill out.

If you do not have a printer, please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment to fill out the forms.

 1st Day Services include:

Comprehensive Health Consultation

Specific Spinal Health Examination

Posture Evaluation

Computerized Nervous System Evaluation

Digital X-Rays (if necessary)

$185 value-Just $37 when you watch this 28 minute video and answer the questions in the form below (Medicare restrictions apply)


We are excited to meet you! 

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