Meet The Staff


Meet Emily, Care Plan Coordinator

Hi! My name is Emily, and it is a privilege to be part of the Bright Futures team. We are excited to help you achieve your goals and be optimally healthy and well!

I was not familiar with Wellness Chiropractic until college. I had been struggling with headaches and low back pain for quite some time when a friend told me about her chiropractor and encouraged me to go. I am so glad I did! My Chiropractor educated me about my body, my nervous system, and how my headaches and back pain were not the problem. He helped identify the underlying cause of my symptoms, and taught me how to make healthy changes in my lifestyle – getting adjusted, eating healthier, and living an active lifestyle.

I am so thankful that I learned about Chiropractic at such a young age. I have been getting adjusted regularly, making better choices regarding eating, exercise, and emotional stress for several years. I am healthier now than I have ever been!

I joined the Bright Futures team in 2010, and am so excited to be part of a team that is passionate about Chiropractic and educating the community. We look forward to helping you reach your health goals and be optimally healthy and well!

“Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.” – Marcus Valerius Martial


Meet Deb, Chiropractic Assistant

A few years ago I started to develop some neck pain. I sought medical attention, but after many procedures I found no relief and ended up with “frozen shoulder”. I was frustrated and started looking for other solutions.
I was familiar with chiropractic, so I contacted Bright Futures and I’m so glad I did! After meeting with Dr. Grier and having a very thorough chiropractic analysis, I felt confident as he educated me on what my body would need and that the process of regaining mobility would take time and commitment. He was confident that I would regain full range of motion. I followed Dr. Grier’s recommendations and committed to my Plan of Care and found very good results!

Throughout my care I continued to learn more about the important role the nervous system plays in overall health, and that to express optimal health it needed to be in alignment. I loved that the staff at Bright Futures was so passionate about educating me on how to be well, so I was felt very blessed when the opportunity came for me to join the staff in October 2013. It is a privilege to be part of such a positive team, in which the mission is to help revitalize the lives in our community.

As a wife, mother of four boys, and a grandmother, I understand the importance that wellness plays in quality of life and am thankful to be part of a team where I get to express that care every day.


Meet Angela,
Chiropractic Technician & Restorative Motion Specialist

When I was 16 weeks pregnant with my daughter, Eliza, I attended a Body, Food and Health Workshop and there began my journey towards optimal health.I have always been interested in holistic health, but had not come across a place where I felt encouraged and supported in exploring such a lifestyle. I was specifically interested in beginning care because Dr. Grier specializes in Prenatal and Pediatric care.

While I was pregnant I was having some fairly significant sinus and head congestion and did not want to take medication. Within a few hours of my first adjustment, I experienced relief from the congestion I had been dealing with for over a month! I received care throughout the rest of my pregnancy and had a very pleasant pregnancy and birth.When Eliza was a week old, we brought her for her first chiropractic analysis and adjustment. My entire family now has the opportunity to receive wellness chiropractic care on a regular basis.

Because of the support and education we have received at Bright Futures Chiropractic, we feel very empowered to continue to work towards wellness with a more natural approach. Bright Futures Chiropractic’s philosophy that the body was created to thrive, and when given the proper nutrients (moving, eating, & thinking) and a clearly functioning nervous system, it can heal itself was right in line with what I had been learning in my own research. In October of 2013 I was invited to consider a position at the clinic and am thrilled at the opportunity. It has been such a valuable part of my life that I want to share it with others!